Ch Innisfree's You're so Vain - "Carly"
Am/Can Ch Innisfree's Silver Streak
Ch Innisfree's Keebler
Ch Innisfree's Goldi's Sunrise
Kristari's Rally of Innisfree
BIS Can/Am Ch Innisfree's Fire & Frost
Ch Kristari's Spice is Nice
Ch Kabu's Getbakjak at Tundrafoot - "Jack"
BPIS/BPISS Ch Trishamar's Pinball Wizard
Ch Tarquin's Akalas Fortune Hunter
Kabu's Lots of Dots
Ch Kabu's Everybody Knows my Name
Bel Ch Newlook of Artic Sun
Ch Runaway of Artic Sun - "Ronnie"
BIS Can/Bel/Intl Ch Tundrafoot's Devil Indeskyz
Eyes checked clear April 2012
Hips OFA #SH-16498E24M-PI - Excellent
Tommy is 23" tall!
Tommy is the sire of:
Ch Trishamar's Velvet Rain - "Rain"