Ch Trishamar's Velvet Rain - "Rain"
MBISS/BPISS/BVISS Can/Am Ch Trishamar's Pinball Wizard - "Tommy"
Ch Innisfree's You're so Vain - "Carly"
Ch Trishamar's Love in an Elevator - "Stevie"
BIS Can/Am Ch Kimlan's Millenium Moonbeam SD - "Beamer"
Ch Trishamar's Angel Face Alexis - "Lexie"
Ch Trishamar's "Ace" Ventura
Trishamar's Fifth Element
Can/Aus Ch Snowmist's "Rum" N Coke
Ch Tafdan's Christian Dior
Janmor's Dark Crystal
MBIS Can/Am Ch Crystalice Snowmist the Sting - "Paulie"
Ch Snowmist's Settin the Pace
Ch Kabu's Getbakjak at Tundrafoot
Ch Snowmist's "Brandy" Alexander
Leeloo going WB (5 point major) from
the Sr Puppy class at the Canadian
National Specialty held in November
2013.  A thrill under breeder/ judge
Sherry Wright from Bralin Siberians!
Leeloo finishing in February
2014 with a Best of Winners
win.  (Handler Tom Curley).